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Welcome to Index Blaster!   Index Blaster is the premier past performance illustration calculator tool available today (for some of the major indices).  Index Blaster was developed to assist insurance agents and investment professionals with past illustrations of some of the most widely recognized stock market linked indices.  Developed in 2001 by the Association of Chartered Senior Financial Planners (ACSFP), Index Blaster has now become a trusted tool for many CSFP-Chartered Senior Financial Planner designation holders.  Once available only to CSFP-Chartered Senior Financial Planner designation holders, Index Blaster is now available to the general public for a nominal fee!


What is the cost?   There is no extra charge for ACSFP members who hold the CSFP-Chartered Senior Financial Planner designation.  For anyone who is not an ACSFP member the cost for an Index Blaster subscription is only $29.95 per month. You can also pay for an entire year at a time for a discounted rate of $299.95 per year (less than $25.00 per month).


Do you offer a trial period to use Index Blaster free of charge?   Yes.  Your first 5 days use of Index Blaster are completely free!  If you aren't satisfied with Index Blaster you can cancel your subscription within the 5 day trial period and pay absolutely nothing.  After your 5 day trial period is up you can cancel your Index Blaster subscription at any time and we will refund any unused portions of your Index Blaster subscription (up to the day).


How do I sign up for an Index Blaster subscription?   Click the "Sign Up" button just below this paragraph to begin our simple and secure online sign up process.  You will need to fill out all required information and then proceed to Paypal to secure payment for your Index Blaster subscription.

Sign up For an Index Blaster Subscription

What is the value of using such a tool?  By using past index performance it is possible to illustrate what different types of investments would have done based on past performance.  This is invaluable information for helping clients with investment decisions now and in the future.  Although past performance is never an indicator of future performance for markets of any kind, the knowledge gained by seeing past performance is essential in making proper decisions today.

Index Blaster uses real data for the 5 major US Indices:  DJIA, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, and S&P MidCap 400, and the "Dow Euro" Index.  Data for the US Indices dates back 1991.  Data for the "Dow Euro" Index dates back to 2002.   Index Blaster allows the use of this US and European Indices data to show real calculations of Market and Indexed Annuity type investments.  There is also a Fixed calculation that models a fixed annuity or a CD at a bank.  By comparing different investment strategies side by side, as well as contribution and withdrawal options, it is possible to  assess risk and growth potential of each type of investment based on past performance.